“Arts at Heart” a directory + online boutique of artists / makers working in the Lost Coast of Humboldt County.
Photography | Painting | Sculpture | Woodworking | Textiles | Knitting | Glass | Music | Paper Craft | Metalwork

Artists and Artisans committed to strengthening the art community and opportunities in Shelter Cove. We believe in the solace and self-worth that blossoms when a creative outlet is discovered and a craft is pursued with care.

Showcasing the strengths of individual artistic expression furthers our ability to appreciate unique perspectives.

Shelter Cove’s natural beauty and remote location offer an ideal combination of inspiration and focus.

 A portion of the proceeds from art sales supports  + artist promotions, a variety of art workshops for kids and adults and our long term goals to develop an art center, sculpture garden and amphitheater in Shelter Cove.

We would love to learn your thoughts and ideas in terms of working toward reaching the goal of building an art center / amphitheater / sculpture garden with an art retail shop in Shelter Cove.  Perhaps you know of some land that would be ideal for one of these projects or you have a skill that is needed to achieve these goals. artsatheartmakers@gmail.com

Contribute to a Collective Coloring Book  ~ Submit an 8×10″ page of your line art with your name  ~ The proceeds of this collective project will go toward funding workshops materials.  Accepting submissions until we have thirty. Call or Text Amy with questions 805-637-1933 or Email: ArtsAtHeartMakers@Gmail.com

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