Mary Neufeld:

Art has always been part of my life. My father was an Electrical Engineer in the Detroit area, during his off time he had many hobbies one of which is oil painting. His mother-in-law who was an artist taught him to paint when he was 30 years old. As a child, I would venture into his studio while he was painting. My regret is I never asked him for lessons. My parents formed a society of artists; monthly they would meet for critiques and have art shows, at times I was “dragged” along.

My mother encouraged my crafty side growing up although she was busy being a mom and housekeeper. In college I took a few drawing and paint classes, with an encouraging teacher. I majored in Occupational Therapy which included art, psychology, and physiology, after my  second year I dropped out and moved to California.

I encouraged art, drawing, making crafts, sewing with all three of our kids. My daughter when she lived in Shelter Cove with her family and I took several painting classes, which started my painting career. I would look at my collection of dad’s paintings for inspiration. I am so fortunate to find two groups of good friends who live in the cove and in town to paint with.

Thank you to everyone who supported me.

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