Nina Jackson: Artist

After retiring from a stress filled career as a sales and human resource manager in the high tech industry (San Diego), Nina came to Shelter Cove in 2019, to immerse herself in nature. She immediately, found her self creating art pieces utilizing the “little treasures” she found throughout the Shelter Cove Beach and forest.

From nature scenes captured on film, to purses made from driftwood and sea glass, Nina says she is always surprises to see what creation emerges next.

Nina also has an appreciation for wine which inspired her to create wine cork purses She can make a custom purse, with wine corks from your favorite wineries and cloth interiors from your favorite colors / fabrics. This makes for a functional and memorable art piece.

She lives in the cove with her husband Jerry who is also creating art while working on his environmental engineering business.

Arts at Heart ~ The Lost Coast Makers Collective | Shelter Cove, California 95589 |